Can I login via Facebook if i've upgraded my account?
Yes, you can either login via MMOG.asia or Facebook portal.

Am I only allowed to reload via MMOG.asia after the upgrade process?
No, players are free to choose the reload methods. Players can reload from the Facebook account or MMOG.asia.

If I refuse to upgrade become MMOG.asia member, can I continue my game play?
Yes, but if anything happens to Facebook (such as hacked or blocked account) resulting player unable to login, Officials will not take any responsibility for the Facebook player's login problem.

Is there any benefit for upgrading become MMOG.asia member?
Players can login to game easily via MMOG.asia Official Website. Besides that, players will enjoy MMOG.asia member's allowance, such as redeem for Allowance Pack or more.

I've upgraded become MMOG.asia member, does the upgrade brings along all other games under MMOG.asia at the same account?
Yes, players need to fill the form once to complete a full data upgrade from Facebook to MMOG.asia account.

What is MMOG.asia?
MMOG.asia is a global online game portal, providing games of various platforms from client and browser based to mobile games, with localized content especially in the SEA regions.

What is MPass?
MPass is a MMOG.asia Account that enables you to use services provided within the MMOG.asia portal.

How do I register for MPass?
MMOG.asia will not be liable for any loss if the information given is invalid or non genuine.

How do I activate my MPass?
A verification e-mail will be sent to you, kindly click on the link provided in the email, you will be redirected to a MMOG.asia page where you will be required to fill in your profile details. Once you have completed filling in your profile details, your MPass will be activated.

What is MCoins?
MCoins is an integrated currency for MMOG.asia's Games. 1,000 MCoins translates to RM10.

How do I top-up my MCoins?
Click HERE to top-up your MCoins.

Where can I see my MCoins balance?
Click HERE to check your MCoins balance.

How can I purchase MCoins?
MCoins are made available to you via MOLePoints.

How credit card / online transfer transaction works?
1. The customer (you) shops at MMOG.asia and select credit card or online transfer as payment option during checkout process.
2. The customer enters the credit card / online transfer details required at a secure payment page powered by MOLPay gateway.
3. The customer is required to enter one-time password (OTP) at banks's page to authenticate the online purchase.
4. The transactions will be sent through secure credit card payment or online transfer network for approval.
5. The credit card / online transfer issuer approves the transaction with approval code.
6. Payment has been made successfully to MMOG.asia.

Why “MOLPay” name stated in my card statement?
We have appointed MOLPay as our third party payment gateway to process online transactions.

Who is MOLPay?
MOLPay is a third party payment gateway that being authorized to process payment transactions of credit card, internet banking, e-wallet & cash payment. MOLPay is notified by BNM under Malaysia Payment System Act 2003. For more info, please visit www.molpay.com.

How secure is MOLPay payment gateway?
All communication between you can MOLPay are encrypted using a 256-bit SSL connection. MOLPay services are scanned and certified by Hacker Safe & SiteLock everyday. MOLPay services comply with the global data security standard – Payment Card Industry: Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). To protect both cardholder and merchant, MOLPay has implemented 3D-Secure environment (Verified by VISA & MasterCard SecureCode) for its credit card payment processing. Besides, MOLPay does not store any cardholder’s sensitive data and information.

What is 3D-Secure?
3D-Secure is a service facilitated by VISA and MasterCard that lets you transact online securely using your credit card. This service is available on our website. Both Verified by VISA (VBV) & MasterCard SecureCode (MSC) introduce password protection during an Internet purchase to authenticate the customer. The goal of VBV/MSC is to create the same trust and confidence amongst merchants and customers that exist in a face to face shopping environment.

What are the benefits of 3D-Secure?
VBV/MSC provides added assurance by authenticating you while using your Visa/MasterCard credit card to make payments online. You can be assured that any online merchant giving VBV/MSC service is a legitimate commercial entity. A private code means added protection against unauthorised use of your credit card when you make payments online.

How to get my password for 3D-Secure?
Most of the banks are leveraging on one-time-password (OTP) technology, allowing the card holders to receive the unique password via their registered mobile number with their credit card issuer. The way of getting the password may vary from bank to bank. For further clarification, please speak to the customer service officer of your credit card issuing bank.