Yo! Yo!
I am MOGA the mighty robot,mascot of portal.
Curious about where I came from? Shhh...Let me tell you in secret, I am the high-tech creation from the future.Before beingtransported to current world, I am online games special agent. My job is to discover and search for the finest and excellent online games for human kinds.

You might wonder, how did I traveled through time and came to this era? This was all due to the result of experimental failure which cause an extraordinary explosion and worse, led to the open of time gap. In the blink of an eye, I have been drawn to the time whirlpool and transported to portal, in year 2012.

With the kind support of, I am given the chance to continue my job as special agent. While waiting for another time gap to open, I will continue my job as online games special agent, to defend and protect portal in this era.